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Back To The Office Cleaning And Sanitization Tips

The business model for many types of companies across all industries has dramatically changed since the early spring of 2020. Many companies have moved to a hybrid work model, with rotating days in the office or only specific employees and management teams on-site. Regular cleaning is still a best practice in keeping a healthy environment for all, especially in the office space.

Using Professional Office Cleaning Services

Regardless of the model your business is using, keeping the office sanitized and clean will continue to be a factor in reducing the risk of the spread of any type of viral or bacterial contaminant. The best strategy for this proactive behavior is to use a professional cleaning company that offers specialized office cleaning services to disinfect your workspace and provide deep cleaning services on a regular basis.

Effective Tips and Strategies

Talk to your provider about the level of disinfection and sanitization that is included in your office cleaning services. Not all companies offer the same level of detailed cleaning services and cleaning expertise. It’s important to utilize a cleaning company who can verify that all cleaning needs are being met and understand that this sanitization process is a critical factor for employee health and wellness.

In between professional cleaning, use the following tips to keep your office clean and healthy:

  • Hand sanitizer –encourage staff to use hand sanitizer throughout the day. This includes after touching surfaces that are shared by others, such as workstations, breakroom surfaces, light switches, shared office equipment, or when making personal contact with others.
  • Clean your desk and equipment daily – using disinfecting wipes or approved cleaners to wipe down keyboards, desk surfaces, chairs, and even items like staplers and phones is a simple addition to a daily routine. This can be done when starting and ending work to help reduce any germs present and helps you keep a clean environment daily.
  • Clean ventilation systems – airborne contaminants are problematic in many office buildings. Cleaning the ventilation systems improves air quality and helps to reduce allergens and airborne contaminants.

While COVID highlighted the need for office sanitation, it is also a good idea throughout the year to help reduce the risk of catching the flu or other types of diseases that can live on surfaces throughout the office. You need exceptional service from a comprehensive cleaning crew with your best interest in mind, that’s why Maintenance Resources is here for you.

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