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  • We are an equal employment opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability or any other status which may be protected by Federal, State or local law. Please complete the application in its entirety and be as accurate as possible.

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  • Maintenance Resources Policy & Procedures:

    This handbook states policies and procedures for Maintenance Resources Inc. These policies are effective from date of hire, and shall remain in effect as until date of termination determined by Maintenance Resources. These policies and procedures are not to be construed as all-inclusive of the policies, procedures and operating protocols of Maintenance Resources and they are not to be construed as an employment contract or agreement of any kind. Maintenance Resources may at any time, in its sole discretion, and without prior notice change or delete any of these policies.

    The policies and procedures set forth herein are intended to comply with all applicable laws. Therefore, if any policy or part of a policy violates applicable law, the policy will be automatically amended or deleted, as appropriate to assure compliance with the law. These policies and procedures are designed to clarify work expectations, practices and protocols of the Maintenance Resources and to set forth expectations to its clients, customers, and employees.

    Employees are expected to familiarize themselves with the contents of these policies and procedures and to comply with all its provisions. Maintenance Resources may post applicable portions of these policies for public adherence to the same.


    The Mission of Maintenance Resources is to provide highly professional environmental services to public and private companies. The Vision of Maintenance Resources is to be the premier provider of environmental services. In carrying out its Mission and Vision, Maintenance Resources Shall Value the treatment of its employees, the public, its customers, clients and co-workers with courtesy, dignity and respect.


    All employees are employed “At Will”. This means that in the absence of any contract to the contrary, Maintenance Resources may terminate the employment relationship, with or without cause, at any time, and without any notice, procedure or formality. Modifications to this policy may only be made with the approval of Maintenance Resources.


    Part-time: An employee who works less than a 32-hour work schedule.
    Full-time: An employee who works between 32-40-hour per week work schedule.


    Maintenance Resources will provide all employees up to 3 company logo shirts and or client related logo shirts as part of the dress code.

    Maintenance Resources dress code policies are:

    • Employees must wear black pants, company provided shirt and non-slip shoes as a requirement to work to avoid any injuries at the job. A fee of $50.00 will be assessed of failure to return company shirts or property from last pay check.
    • No hats, no dangling jewelry, gages or exposed facial piercings are allowed at the location of job when being performed.
    • Employee must be clean and neat in appearance to exude a professional image.


    Maintenance Resources shall maintain personnel records containing information on each employee to meet State and Federal record keeping requirements and to ensure efficient personnel administration. Employee personnel records shall be kept at Maintenance Resources office and may include:

    • Employment Application
    • Letters of reference
    • Emergency information
    • Pregnancy Leave Form
    • Medical Health Insurance
    • Colorado Affirmation Form

    I-9 forms and W-4 forms shall be maintained in a separate employer file. Personnel records belong to Maintenance Resources and may not be removed from the Company office. All information in an employee’s personnel file shall remain confidential.


    Maintenance Resources prohibits harassment of any type against anyone based on an individual’s race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, marital status, veteran status or based on those aspects in an individual’s relatives, friends, or associates.

    Harassment means verbal or physical conduct that insults or shows hostility or aversion toward an individual.

    Harassment may include:

    • Epithets or slurs
    • Negative stereotyping
    • Threats, intimidation or hostile acts
    • Demeaning or hostile jokes or pranks
    • Insulting or hostile written or graphic material posted or circulated in the workplace
    • Profanity


    Employees of Maintenance Resources are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and business-like manner always. Employees of Maintenance Resources are expected to treat customers, clients, and co-workers with courtesy, dignity and respect.

    Sexual harassment and inappropriate sexual conduct is prohibited. Sexual harassment includes, unwelcome advances, requests for sexual favors, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when:

    • Submission of such conduct is made explicitly or implicitly as a condition of employment, favorable performance evaluation, or work advancement
    • Submission or rejection of such conduct is used as a basis for decisions affecting an individual’s employment; or
    • Such conduct has the purpose of effect of substantially interfering with an individual’s work performance or creates an intimidating hostile or offensive work environment.
    • Written forms, such as cartoons, posters, calendars, notes, letters or e-mail.
    • Verbal forms such as jokes, foul, obscene, profane language of a sexual nature, gossiping, questions about another’s sex life, or repeated unwanted requests for dates.
    • Physical gestures, nonverbal behavior such as unwelcome touching, grabbing, fondling, kissing, massaging, and brushing up against another’s body.

    Any employee who violates this policy is subject to corrective measure(s) up to and including termination of employment.


    Anyone who is violent in the workplace, threatens to become violent in the workplace whether toward the public, customers, clients, employees, co-workers, supervisors, Managers, subjects him/her self to immediate removal from the premises, and reporting such person or group of persons to the local law enforcement authorities. Any employee who violates this policy is subject to corrective measure(s) up to and including termination from employment.


    Maintenance Resources prohibits the use of illegal drugs or alcohol in the workplace. To this end, the following is prohibited:

    • Reporting to work under the influence of intoxicating liquor/alcohol or illegal drugs.
    • Use, possession, purchase, transfer, storage of intoxicating liquor, controlled, illegal substance, any drug that is not medically prescribed or any other substances which impairs job performance.
    • Poses a hazard to the safety and welfare of the employee, the public or other employees.
    • The sale of any item(s) as identified above while on Maintenance Resources property or job location.

    Maintenance Resources reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, to conduct drug or alcohol testing on its employees. Circumstances under which Maintenance Resources would conduct drug or alcohol testing may include the following:

    • As part of pre-employment physical
    • Following an accident or injury
    • When an employee is found in possession of alcohol or a suspected illegal drug, intoxicating alcohol or controlled substances are found in an area controlled or used by an employee.
    • When there is reasonable suspicion that an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. “Reasonable suspicion”, may include unusual behavior such as the smell of alcohol on a person’s being; unusual and unexplained abnormal behavior; observation of someone consuming, suspected intoxicating liquor or illegal drugs.

    Maintenance Resources shall comply with mandated guidelines concerning drug and alcohol testing and reporting the result of such tests.


    Maintenance Resources and its facilities are non-smoking work sites. As such, smoking is prohibited in all areas of its facilities. The non-smoking policy applies to employees, visitors, always, including non-business hours.


    In the event an employee is or becomes disabled or contacts a life-threatening illness or disease, or if an employee discovers that a co-worker has a disability or life threatening illness, all efforts should be exercised to ensure that such information remains private and confidential.

    An employee who has a life-threatening illness or disease must notify their supervisor or manager of their condition to ensure the safety and well-being of the employee as well as potentially the public and coworkers.

    Maintenance Resources shall make every effort to ensure that any employee with a life-threatening illness or disease can perform his/her duties without risk to his/her safety as well as the safety of the public and coworkers. To this end the employer reserves the right, subject to applicable law to have a physician examine the employee to determine fitness for continued duty. All information pertaining to any employee with a life-threatening illness or disease must remain confidential.


    Any accident, unsafe, hazardous working condition must be brought to the attention of management immediately. Once reported, management shall analyze the hazards and make every effort to correct any unsafe working condition or hazard. In the event of an employee accident, management may investigate of the accident and take appropriate measure to ensure that the working condition is safe so as to prevent the accident from re-occurring.

    Employees shall be expected to comply with applicable safety rules and regulations in the performance of their job. Employees may be required to attain certain certifications to ensure they meet safety standards for their respective position.


    All work-related injuries, illnesses or accidents must be reported immediately to an employee’s immediate supervisor and/or manager. If medical care and treatment is required, the employee’s supervisor or manager must decide for the employee’s medical care and treatment at Maintenance Resources designated medical facility. In non-life threatening situation, employee and manager must obtain pre-authorization from corporate office after all incident reports have been completed. Life threatening situations call 911.


    Hazardous materials shall be handled according to specified methods to reduce the risk of injury, illness or disease. Material data sheets are kept on the work site and information may be obtained from a supervisor or manager.


    Employee work schedules shall be determined by management to meet business needs. Employees work schedules shall be provided to employees at the start of the employees work week. Employees are expected to report to work as noted on their work schedule.

    Any part-time “non-exempt” employee who works more than 40 hours in a work week shall be entitled to overtime pay at the rate of time and a half.

    Employees in Colorado, Idaho and Ohio are required to take a 30-minute lunch break after 7 hours of work performed.
    Employees in Nevada and Oregon are required to take a 30-minute lunch break after 8 hours of work performed.
    Employees in Washington are required to take a 30-minute lunch break after 5 hours of work performed.

    Employees needing to call in for work must do so (4) hours prior to their shift starting and if an employee is out for more than (2) consecutive days a doctor’s note will be required before being able to return to work.


    A job applicant must have attained the minimum age of eighteen years (18) to be considered for full time employment with the Maintenance Resources Inc.


    Maintenance Resources shall determine the pay rate for employees; Pay rates shall meet the U.S Federal Guidelines applicable to minimum wage.

    Hourly employees: Hourly employees shall be paid on an hourly basis for hours worked. Hourly employees are generally hired to work for a specific number of hours per work week and if completion of work requires more than forty (40) hours of work in a work week, the employee shall be entitled to overtime pay at the rate of one and one-half of their hourly rate of pay. Hourly employees are generally considered “non-exempt” employees under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

    Salaried employees are paid based on a set rate for each pay period regardless of the number of hours worked in the pay period. Salaried employees are generally considered “exempt” employees under the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act and as such are not entitled to overtime pay for hours worked above and beyond a normal forty-hour work week.

    Merit Increases: Changes in salary will be based on several factors including the result of a performance review. If an employee’s rate of pay or salary is adjusted because of meritorious work performance the hourly rate of pay or salary increase shall be classified as a merit increase. The rate of increase in pay for a merit increase shall be based on merit as well as Maintenance Resources ability to pay.


    An employee is responsible to accurately record the time that they work daily. Time worked must be reported in Time Works Mobile by clocking in/out at the job required and set schedule. All time recorded must be totaled at the end of the week and submitted to ensure payment for same.

    • Overtime work (work above a 40-hour work week) must be approved by management before it is performed.
    • Altering, falsifying, tampering with time records or recording time on another employee’s time record may result in corrective action, up to and including termination from employment.
    • An employee must clock in/out their time every time when performing a job according to their schedule to certify the accuracy to all time recorded. The employee’s supervisor is required to review and verify the accuracy of the employee’s time record.
    • Missed punches must be reported to local supervisor or manager daily for work time to be recorded and paid.
    • Time Works Mobile application for all android and I-phones. Available to download at no cost. For individuals who do not have a smart phone you can call at 801-901-8750 for English or at 801-901-8760 for Spanish.

    Questions regarding payroll matter should be brought to the attention of a supervisor or manager.


    Pay days are on the 5th and 20th of every month. The check on the 5th covers the 16th thru the end of the month and the check on the 20th covers the 1st-15th. If a pay day falls on a Saturday, checks will be disbursed the Friday before. If a pay day falls on a Sunday, checks will be disbursed on the following Monday. Shifts that overlap into pay periods will be calculated from the day they punch in.

    Maintenance Resources will acknowledge the following holidays: (Full-time, hourly employees will be paid holiday pay if scheduled for that day)

    1. Easter
    2. Thanksgiving Day
    3. Christmas day


    Maintenance Resources pays 1 week of Vacation Leave.

    Below are the requirements:

    • Full time (32 hours +)
    • Home Department (based on the job location where you first were hired)
    • 1 Year anniversary
    • 2-week notice
    • **Need to know who will be covering in order to approve

    Please keep in mind Vacation Leave pay is determined and provided by Employer, it is not mandatory by State Law. We do not pay paid time off or sick leave.


    Employee punctuality and regular attendance are essential to the operation of the business affairs of Maintenance Resources. In addition, employee who adhere to regular attendance and punctuality gain favorable job considerations during performance reviews. Employees who do not adhere to regular attendance and punctuality subject themselves to corrective measures up to an including termination from employment.


    Employees are expected to consistently perform their job responsibilities in a manner consistent with the Mission, Vision and Values statement of Maintenance Resources. In addition, employees are expected to meet quality and productivity standards, standards established by professional certifications and licenses, time and attendance standards and other such factors.


    Employees and supervisors are expected to communicate regularly about the specific needs and job tasks related to the employee’s job duties. Problems or specific actions which need correction should be handled immediately and should not be “saved” to be discussed during a performance review. The employee performance review should include discussions regarding the employee’s accomplishments as well as deficiencies, if any, together with ways by which such deficiencies can be corrected.


    Management and supervisory staff maintain an open-door policy and encourage employees to discuss any job-related concern. Employees are encouraged to discuss any job concern with their immediate supervisor prior to bringing such a concern to upper management, unless such a concern involves the employee’s immediate supervisor and alleged violation of sexual harassment, illegal activity or conduct that contrary to these policies and procedures.


    A supervisor may take appropriate corrective measures if an employee violated Maintenance Resources policies, procedures or protocols. Any corrective measure taken shall reflect the circumstances leading up to the violation of policy, practice or protocol. Corrective measures may include:

    • Verbal Coaching: The supervisor may bring a situation to an employee’s attention and request compliance with applicable rule, policy, procedure or protocol. In situations of this nature, the employee should be made aware of the concern and the supervisor or manager should provide the employee with ways by which the employee can correct the behavior, giving rise to the concern.
    • Verbal Warning: In the event the employee does not correct his/her behavior after receiving verbal coaching, the supervisor should inform the employee that he or she is receiving a verbal warning. The supervisor should record the date, and time of the verbal warning and enter this information in the employee’s personnel file.
    • Written Warning: A verbal warning may be given for repeated behavior that violates policy, procedure, practice or protocol. A written warning should be signed by the employee and the employee’s supervisor and entered the employee’s personnel file.
    • Suspension: A suspension may be issued if a verbal warning fails to corrective the employee’s behavior or in the event the violation of policy, practice or procedure is egregious in nature or wherein previous coaching, verbal or written warnings was to sufficient to get the employee to correct his/her behavior.
    • Termination from Employment: An employee may be recommended for termination from employment when the employee’s behavior is deemed to be egregious in nature or when the employees has failed to respond to lesser forms of corrective measures.


    In the event an employee should disagree with action taken by management pertaining to any corrective measure imposed for alleged violation of policies, rules, regulations, procedures or protocols, the employee may file a grievance. An employee grievance must follow the following process:

    • The grievance must be filed in writing by the employee to the employee’s immediate supervisor within (2) business days of the alleged infraction giving rise to the grievance.
    • The supervisor must review the employee’s grievance with a `MCS, INC within two (2) business days of having received the grievance.
    • The member of Maintenance Resources who reviews the grievance may take appropriate action including: conduct an internal investigation to obtain fact giving rise to the grievance; concur and support the recommendation of the supervisor; reverse the deny the recommendation of the supervisor; modify the recommendation of the supervisor. Maintenance Resources shall render a final decision in writing to the aggrieved employee within (10) business days of having received the employee’s grievance from the immediate supervisor.

    PLEASE READ EACH STATEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING AND SUMBITTING I hereby certify that all the information provided by me in this application (or any other accompanying or required documents) is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the falsification, misrepresentation or omission of any facts may be cause for denial of employment or immediate termination of employment regardless of the timing or circumstances of discovery. I hereby consent and understand that I may be required to submit to a pre-employment medical examination, a pre – and/or post-employment drug screen and background check as a condition of employment, if required. I understand that unsatisfactory results, refusal to cooperate with, or any attempt to affect the results of these pre/post-employment tests and checks will result in withdrawal of any employment offer or termination of employment if already employed. I hereby authorize any and all former employers, references, schools, courts and any others whether listed or not to provide relevant information that may be useful in making a hiring decision. I release all parties involved from all legal liability in providing such information. I UNDERSTAND THAT SUBMISSION OF AN APPLICATION DOES NOT GUARANTEE EMPLOYMENT. I FURTHER UNDERSTAND THAT, THIS APPLICATION, VERBAL STATEMENTS MADE BY MANAGEMENT, OR SUBSEQUENT EMPLOYMENT DOES NOT CREATE AN EXPRESS OR IMPLIED CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT, NOR GUARANTEE EMPLOYMENT FOR ANY DEFINITE PERIOD. I FURTHER UNDERSTAND THAT SHOULD AN OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT BE EXTENDED THAT EMPLOYMENT IS AT WILL, FOR NO SPECIFIED DURATION AND MAY BE TERMINATED BY EITHER THE COMPANY OR MYSELF AT ANY TIME, WITH OR WITHOUT CAUSE OR NOTICE. I UNDERSTAND THAT NO REPRESENTATIVE OF COMPANY EXCEPT THE PRESIDENT HAS THE AUTHORITY TO ENTER ANY AGREEMENT GUARANTEEING ANY CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT OR ANY AGREEMENT CONTRARY TO THE FOREGOING STATEMENTS AND THAT ANY SUCH AGREEMENTS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING AND SIGNED BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE COMPANY. By signing I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to these statements.

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