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Increase Outsourcing Success With CIMS Certified Cleaning Contractors

The ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS)* provides a powerful tool to identify customer-focused and well-managed cleaning providers.
Independent, accredited assessors verify CIMS certified firms meet the industry standard for:
– Quality systems
– Service delivery
– Human resources
– Health, safety, and environmental stewardship
– Management commitment

Cleaning Industry Management Standard* (CIMS) certification benefit you?


• Allows you to choose a company that is truly professional and capable of getting the job done.
• Assures you that our management systems and processes have been assessed by an independent third party and that we comply with the industry’s leading standards.
• Helps us deliver a consistently high level of service.
• Enables us to reduce costs by improving efficiency, which allows us to pass along service improvements and savings to you.
• Ensures that we have a sustainable business model that will provide you with valuable, long-term service.
• And, most importantly, makes your job easier by helping you identify a quality, customer-focused, professional organization.

“When we’re hiring a cleaning company, we are dedicated to go out and look at as many companies as possible. If we look at 100 and 95 of them are not CIMS certified, that’s 95 bidders I can cross off my list before I go any further.”
Senior Master Sgt. Mark Gyure, Andrews Air Force Base

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