Medical Facilities

Medical Facilities

Cleaned & Disinfected Facilities

Medical facilities we at MRI understand that properly cleaned & disinfected facilities do not stop at hospitals. Regardless, public perception of your clinics is highly impacted by the level of cleanliness & critical to protecting patients.

Did You Know?

Like all healthcare facilities, dental, veterinarian, clinics or 24-hour care facilities, the lack of cleanliness will inadvertently turn away patients and employees – and could be placing those individuals at risk of health and injury issues. A Reputable study, carried out by market research firm Harris Interactive, found that 99 percent of customers said poor cleanliness would negatively affect their perception of an environment with unclean washrooms and unpleasant odor’s which rated higher than poor customer service

Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Professional, commercial cleaning services are important for many industries, especially medical and healthcare. Hospitals, medical offices, and clinics all benefit greatly from cleaning and sanitation to ensure a healthy environment for medical professionals, patients, and guests. At Maintenance Resources Inc. (MRI), we offer medical disinfection and professional cleaning services for various types of medical facilities. Our commercial cleaners will ensure disinfected surfaces and a healthy environment for healthcare workers and guests alike.

The Importance of Medical Facility Cleaning Services

At MRI, our cleaning professionals understand the needs of different types of medical facilities for regular and thorough cleaning and disinfection. The level of cleanliness of your facility not only determines how well you protect the health of patients and others, it impacts the public perception of your clinic, hospital, or medical center.

The reputation of your facility in the eyes of the public, along with HCAHPS scores can drop if the cleaning requirements of medical facilities are not prioritized. According to a reputable study conducted by market research firm Harris Interactive, 99 percent of customers said their perception of an environment with unpleasant odors and unclean washrooms would be negatively affected – an even more important factor for these customers than poor quality customer service. Medical cleaning can also prevent the spread of healthcare-associated infections.

Our Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment, hospital-level disinfectants, and innovative methods to clean, sanitize, and disinfect your medical and healthcare environments, ensuring they are germ-free and comply with applicable industry standards for cleanliness and sanitation. From the operating room to the waiting area, we have you covered with comprehensive healthcare facility and medical office cleaning services.

Our experienced professional cleaners can handle all of your medical office cleaning and disinfection service needs, including general janitorial services and more specialized cleaning needs in your medical care environment.

Get Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Keeping your facility clean in the healthcare industry is more important now than ever before. From dental offices to surgical centers, it’s important to hire a commercial cleaning company to prevent the spread of infection and dangerous pathogens. To learn more about the healthcare cleaning services we offer the medical industry at Maintenance Resources Inc., give our professional cleaner team a call today at 303.388.3052 or use our contact form to leave us a message.