Creating Healthy Space

Medical Facilities Cleaning Services Denver CO


Creating a home away from home experience for your residents or mitigating risk to patients, employees and visitors are top of mind for MRI employees. Cleaning & Disinfecting correctly and timely has a profound impact on creating HealthySpace™.

Did You Know?


Cleaning is the process of removing visible dirt, dust and other soils from surfaces. It is typically completed with a cloth or wipe in conjunction with a detergent, soap or solvent. Cleaning on its own does not kill or thoroughly remove bacteria or viruses from surfaces, but it is still essential. Cleaning should always be performed before sanitizing, disinfecting because it improves the effectiveness of each process.


Sanitizing reduces the amount of bacteria on a surface, but does not kill or destroy bacteria. Sanitizing also does not kill or destroy viruses from surfaces. Rather, it lowers the amount of bacteria on a surface to a safe level as judged by public health standards. Sanitizers are often used on food contact surfaces because they contain less harsh chemicals in comparison to disinfectants.


Disinfecting kills or inactivates both the bacteria and viruses identified on the product’s label on surfaces. Disinfectants are the only products approved by the EPA to kill viruses on hard surfaces. Disinfecting is one of the most reliable ways to stop the spread of infection and germs, but not all disinfectants are created equal. Right now the world is battling a virus we’ve never encountered before, aka an emerging pathogen. Only disinfectants with emerging pathogen claims should be used to disinfect against COVID-19.