With high traffic and employee activity, conditions of floors & space organization is critical. MRI ensures floors are maintained to remain safe to mitigate any risk to slip & fall or damage.

Did You Know?

The number of people who need emergency medical care because of a slip and fall is more than one million each year. That’s more than two thousand people each day in the United States alone. There are approximately eight million emergency room visits each year because of falls. Of those falls, roughly 12 percent are slip and fall accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average hospital cost of a slip and fall is more than $30,000. Another source says that snow-related slip and fall accidents cost between $33,000 and $48,000 on average. These costs not only devastate families, but they raise insurance costs that impact our entire society.

Commercial Warehouse and Distribution Center Cleaning Services

Due to the high level of employee activity and traffic in warehouse facilities and distribution centers, the condition of these facilities is crucial for personnel safety, including the floors. At Maintenance Resources Inc., we understand the cleaning requirements of these facilities in order to preserve safe working environments and comply with applicable regulations and standards for cleanliness and sanitation. We also understand how important service schedules are for keeping business operations running smoothly. Our team provides comprehensive warehouse cleaning services to provide the safety and compliance results you need.

The Importance of Warehouse Cleaning

Over one million people require emergency medical care every day due to slip-and-fall or workplace accidents, and that number is over 200,000 in the U.S. alone. About 12 percent of the 8 million emergency room visits each year due to falls are a result of slip-and-fall accidents. The CDC tells us that the average cost of hospital care for a slip-and-fall victim is over $30,000. These costs cause insurance rates to skyrocket and can inflict financial devastation on families, which affects society as a whole. Cleaning of dust buildup and trash removal are examples of cleaning processes essential to preventing injuries occurring in your industrial workplace.

Our Commercial Warehouse Cleaning Services

We offer an array of commercial cleaning services for warehouse and distribution facilities. Our fully trained and experienced team operates professional-grade cleaning equipment, enabling us to take care of any cleaning requirements you have in your facility. At MRI, we provide our cleaning services to work around your operations, without getting in your way, ensuring your warehouse, logistics facility, or distribution center gets the cleaning and disinfection it needs.

Our warehouse cleaning services cover items such as vents, ceilings, floors, shelving, light fixtures, chemical degreasing, pressure washing, and much more! We provide the warehouse deep cleaning and sanitation services you need to keep your employees safe and we adhere to all mandated inspection standards.

With periodic warehouse and distribution cleaning performed by our team, you can have confidence your facility will pass any required client, OSHA, or health department inspections.

Get Commercial Warehouse and Distribution Center Cleaning Services

Following safety protocols is crucial for creating and maintaining a productive working environment. For more information about the warehouse and distribution center cleaning services we offer at Maintenance Resources Inc., or the wide range of industries we service, give us a call today at 303.388.3052 or reach us through our contact form.